THC Detox: The Real Deal and Handy Tips to Clear Weed from Your System

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Embarking on a THC Detox

There comes a point when a THC detox might be on your to-do list. Maybe it’s because a drug test for a new job is around the corner, or you’ve chosen to take a break from cannabis and want a clean slate. Let’s dive into the process of effectively hitting reset.

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Defining a THC Detox

A THC detox is all about ridding your body of any residual cannabis that might be hanging around from frequent use. When you hit the pause button on cannabis for a bit, your body gets to work flushing out all cannabinoids and terpenes. Keep in mind, THC metabolites can stick around for up to 30 days after you’ve last used, so it won’t be an overnight process.

Detoxing from weed can vary from person to person. How long each THC detox takes typically hinges on how regularly and heavily you use cannabis. Your reasons for using cannabis, such as medical purposes and the symptoms it helps manage, can also impact the detox. For heavy users or those using for medical reasons, the detox process can bring on some less than desirable symptoms, like:

  • Feeling on edge
  • Headaches
  • Low mood
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced appetite
  • Trouble sleeping


There’s ongoing discussion among professionals about whether these symptoms can be considered withdrawal or if they’re simply the result of stopping a treatment that once helped. While cannabis doesn’t have the addictive nature of some other substances, some people can develop a cannabis use disorder.

Clearing Weed from Your System

There’s a wide range of methods to detox from cannabis. Many of them are wellness practices that not only aid in detox but also boost your overall health.

Passing a Drug Test and Detoxing from Weed Naturally

The most effective weed detox method? A natural cleanse. Sure, it can take a while—up to six weeks—but it’s the most thorough way to get weed out of your system.

These methods often work together, and they all have benefits for the body. Let’s look at some strategies for a natural detox experience.

1. Stop Using THC

This one is pretty straightforward, but if you’re going to detox from weed, you need to stop using cannabis. Whether you quit cold turkey or gradually, the detox process can’t really start until cannabis is out of the picture.

A couple jugging in Barceloneta after smoking a joint

2. Start Exercising

Get moving! THC is stored in our fat cells—fewer fat cells mean less THC. Physical exercise like cardio and weightlifting can help burn fat and boost metabolism, which speeds up the detox process.

A bonus to exercise is that it increases production of anandamide, a natural “feel good” molecule in the body. If you’ve ever felt the “runner’s high,” you’re familiar with the euphoria this endocannabinoid can bring.

Exercise can help reduce detectable cannabinoids in your body while easing the transition for endocannabinoids, which are naturally produced by our bodies.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure you’re drinking enough water during this period to assist with flushing the body and removing toxins. Water is essential for many bodily functions, not just for detoxing, including organ function and immunity. But don’t go overboard—drinking too much won’t speed things up.

4. Eat a Healthy Diet

Avoid high sodium, sugar, and fat foods to aid in your weed detox. These foods can increase water retention and slow your metabolism, which can hinder your body’s ability to get rid of THC metabolites.

A cannabis infusion tea

5. Opt for Teas

Choose teas high in antioxidants, or liver-cleansing teas such as dandelion or milk thistle. This enjoyable routine can support your body during the detox process.

6. Pay Attention to Your Mental Health

Detoxing can potentially bring out negative emotions. It’s crucial during this time to look after your mental wellbeing. What works for you may differ from what works for others. Some people might find exercises like yoga and meditation helpful in maintaining a stable mood. For others, reducing stress and giving yourself a break during the detox period can be beneficial.

Don’t hesitate to access resources like therapy if they’re available. Whatever your process, remember to be patient with yourself during a THC detox.

7. Self-Care is Key

Look at your cannabis detox journey as an opportunity to take care of yourself. Allow yourself to take a break, relax, and do things that make you happy. Whether it’s enjoying a long bath, spending time with friends, reading a good book, or trying out a new hobby, these positive activities can make your detox process more pleasant.

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The Timeline of a THC Detox

Even after completing a marijuana detox routine, THC can still be detected in urine for anywhere from a few days to a month. THC can be detected in urine, blood, hair, and saliva tests, but urine tests are the most common.

How long weed stays in your system depends on several factors:

  • The amount of THC you consume
  • Your body fat percentage
  • Your metabolic rate
  • Your exercise and eating habits


Those who use less, exercise more, have a faster metabolism, and less body fat can generally flush THC from their systems quicker. Anybody can speed up this process by eating healthily, exercising, and drinking plenty of water.

Is There a Quick Fix to Detox for a Drug Test?

Now that we’ve covered what does work for THC detoxes, let’s look at what doesn’t. Unfortunately, many quick-fix THC detox methods are rooted in myth and should not be trusted. If you’re hoping to pass a drug test for cannabis without taking a tolerance break, keep in mind that detoxing from cannabis takes time. No vitamin, juice, tea, or chemical can magically cleanse weed from your system in a snap.

Regrettably, there’s no fast solution to get weed out of your system. There’s a lot of misinformation out there that won’t bring you the results you’re looking for. Some examples of faulty “fast” THC detox methods to avoid include:

  • Cranberry juice
  • Vinegar
  • Niacin

While some products may assist with general detoxification by removing impurities and toxins, they should be used with discretion and in conjunction with natural detox methods. We haven’t tested these products and can’t vouch for their efficacy in reducing THC and THC metabolites:


The path to a successful THC detox is about making healthy choices and being patient with yourself and the process. And remember, there’s no magic shortcut. It takes time and commitment, but it is achievable.


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