Mastering the Munchies: Maintain Control While High

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Munchies: The Culprit Behind Unwanted Cravings

Cannabis can confuse the brain’s signals, causing you to feel hungry instead of satiated. While some seek appetite-inducing strains for medicinal purposes, others who aim to eat healthier or shed a few pounds might prefer to avoid overindulging in snacks.

While munchies can be amusing, their charm fades when they interfere with your lifestyle goals. Excessive snacking can lead to weight gain, heartburn, indigestion, and disrupted sleep. Here are eight strategies to help you dodge or minimize munchies while enjoying cannabis to the fullest.

Adhere to a Meal Plan Before Lighting Up

Establish a meal schedule that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with snacks to maintain satisfaction between meals. Staying full after these meals will make it easier to resist the temptation of munchies. If you’re incorporating infused edibles into your meals, opt for healthier alternatives like cannabis-infused coconut oil instead of calorie-dense sweets.

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Engage in Activities

When your mind starts contemplating snacks, shift your focus to another activity. Engage in video games, watch an episode of Bob Ross, or design your dream cannabis den. Any enjoyable and safe activity can help distract you from munchies.

Refresh Your Palate

While high, freshen your breath with toothpaste and mouthwash to quench your desire for more treats. Brushing your teeth is a safe and practical activity to engage in while under the influence, and it also helps suppress cravings.

Experiment with New Strains

The munchies you experience may depend on the cannabis strain you’re consuming. To maintain control over your appetite, try strains high in CBD and THCV. Consult our list of 10 munchie-curbing strains or ask your budtender for recommendations.

Eliminate Temptation

If binge eating while high is unavoidable, remove all unhealthy food from your home. Delete the number for pizza delivery and keep tempting snacks out of reach.

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Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

Stock your pantry with nutritious snacks to enjoy when the munchies strike. Healthy options like tropical yogurt parfaits can be just as satisfying as high-calorie alternatives.

Work Out Before Indulging

Burn some calories before your cannabis session by engaging in a workout you enjoy. This way, you can indulge in a few treats later without feeling guilty.

a girl after the munchies

Turn Munchies into Allies

If you can’t avoid the munchies, use them to your advantage. Consume healthier options, like sautéed spinach frittata, which might taste even better after a few hits from your bong. Your body will appreciate the nutrient boost.

In the end, knowing your preferences is essential. Try the methods above to find the most effective approach. Most importantly, don’t stress over it – that defeats the purpose of cannabis.


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